Dogwood Festival & Iconic Bruce McCarty Mid-Century Home

Learn the history & excitement of the Dogwood Festival and the iconic mid-century modern Bruce McCarty concrete home that is situated along one of the Dogwood trails in West Hills.

A Healing Remedy: Tonya Rea's Herbal Teas in North Knoxville

In this episode, Shannon Foster-Boline takes us on a flavorful journey with Tonya Rea, owner of Tonya Rea's Teas & Remedies. Tonya gives us an inside look into the art of crafting specialty teas and shares her insight on why her teas stand apart from the store-bought ones. We delve into the wonderful world of tea and how it can greatly benefit your health, all the while concocting a unique blend of holy basil, mint, stevia, and lemon balm. Tag along as Shannon brings the essence of the tea garden to the stunning 1889 Queen Anne Victorian Home in historic Old North Knoxville. Watch as she plants these very herbs on the porch of this incredible house, literally bringing the taste of our custom blend home.

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