Hottest Architectural Styles in Knoxville

Hottest Architectural Styles in Knoxville

Knoxville is the epitome of a Southern metropolis, blending all the vibrancy of a large city with the charm and hospitality of a small town. Simply put, Knoxville is gorgeous, from the rolling hills in the distant landscape to the breathtaking buildings around the city. One of the most remarkable things about Knoxville is its dynamic architectural scene. The Knoxville real estate market is full of gorgeous homes, from beautifully restored historic estates to expansive modern mansions. Let’s explore some of the stunning architectural styles that are enduringly popular around the city.

Historic Knoxville architecture

Knoxville is home to some of the most famous historic buildings in the South. The Knoxville architecture scene has evolved over the years, changing due to a shifting economic and social climate in the area. The popular architectural styles of each era changed over time, as did the typical materials used, average home size, and layout.

Many of Knoxville's historically and architecturally significant homes have been lovingly restored. Here are some of the most famous architectural styles throughout the history of the city:


This Craftsman style was popularized in the early 20th century during the arts and crafts movement. The style is charming and functional, making it one of the most lasting architectural styles. Craftsman homes are identified by a bungalow-inspired layout where the kitchen sits towards the rear of the home and a cozy, open living area located in the front.

The exterior features of a Craftsman home include a large covered front porch with decorative support columns and quaint gabled roofs. Most Craftsman homes have a charming interior with wood trim, arched doorways, and lots of hardwood flooring.

Midcentury Modern

This style was wildly popular between the 1940s and 1960s as part of a nationwide modernist movement. The hallmarks of the midcentury modern style are simple, clean lines and geometric shapes. With a focus on blending indoor and outdoor spaces, midcentury modern homes have lots of floor-to-ceiling windows to allow for lots of natural light.

Other remarkable features of the midcentury modern style include short staircases connecting rooms throughout the home, free-standing partial brick walls, and simple ornamentation. The typical color palette for both the interior and exterior of these homes is muted with lots of earth tones.

Queen Anne

Queen Anne is one of the most distinctive architectural styles in Knoxville. This Victorian-era design is whimsical and uses a variety of exterior materials and color palettes. Typical exterior structures include turrets, square towers, and wraparound porches. Most Queen Anne homes have steeply pitched roofs to lend a dramatic flair.

The interior of Queen Anne homes are just as elaborate, with stained glass windows, ornate metalwork, and intricate trim. These homes have rooms that lead into one another rather than having long hallways, and many feature prominent central staircases.

Modern Knoxville architecture

Architectural style across the city of Knoxville is defined by dynamic innovation and timeless designs. As the styles, tastes, and needs of homeowners have changed over the years, the prominent architectural styles of the city have evolved as well. Modern Knoxville homebuyers have an eye on the shifting architectural trends while still desiring a functional, aesthetically pleasing home.

With an eye on the changing needs of new buyers, these are some of the most popular modern architectural styles in Knoxville.


Ranch homes became wildly popular in the middle of the 20th century and are still a highly sought-after home style today. These homes are single-story and typically have a U-shaped or L-shaped design. Most have an open floor plan that flows well from front to back and distinct living and sleeping areas.

With a low-pitched roof and expansive windows, ranch homes have tons of natural light. Typically, ranch homes have sliding doors to a patio or deck that lead to a generous backyard. Most of these kinds of homes include an attached garage that serves as a separate functional space for homeowners.


Homes built in the traditional architectural style are unique because of the careful blending of classic and modern design elements. This mixture of elements creates a house that meets the needs of current homebuyers while still maintaining a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing style. Traditional homes are some of the most popular in Knoxville because they are adaptable to the needs of the region and prospective buyers.

Traditional homes typically have an open floor plan that is functional, comfortable, and welcoming. The layout can be customized for homebuyers to create the perfect fit. Most have two stories, clean rooflines, modest eaves, symmetrical windows, and a covered front porch area.

The future of Knoxville architecture

Knoxville is on track to remain one of the most vibrant architectural cities in the South. As a beacon of innovation and style, there are a few common trends about the future of architecture in the city.

Modern architects have become very responsive to the demands of contemporary buyers. One of the biggest trends is creating homes loaded with smart features, those that allow automation and remote control of appliances, lighting, and thermostats. Homes with smart capability boast convenience and cost-saving measures, both attractive options for prospective buyers.

Homes for sale in Knoxville are evolving to accommodate the changing lifestyle of the city. Modern buyers are looking for more functional space at home. Newer architectural styles and home designs include space for a home office, fitness areas, and plenty of outdoor space.

An experienced Knoxville agent

Whether you are looking for your new construction dream home or a charming remodeled historic home, an experienced agent can help you find the perfect property. Shannon Foster-Boline has years of experience in the Knoxville market. She has helped clients find homes in newly built master-planned communities, custom-designed architectural homes, and revamped charming historic estates. Her dedication to her clients is unmatched, and her team is looking forward to helping you find your perfect Knoxville home.

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