Teenage Room Turmoil, No More!

Teenage Room Turmoil, No More!

Struggling with an angsty teenager, unresponsive to you asking what they want for their dream room in the new house? Or maybe they’re just unsure about the vision they have for their new sanctuary? Worry no more! Here are some popular trends among the kids now for bedrooms, as well as little tips when designing a teenager’s dream space.

1. Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights have proven to be a feminine staple in Gen-Z room decorations, whether they’re wrapped around an edgy metal bed frame or hung up along the walls of the room. There are classic yellow lights, or if your teen is a more colorful spirit you can always find lights that are blue, pink, or even change colors! Fairy lights are usually a perfect feature in your teenager’s bedroom.

2. A Poster-Feature Wall:

Posters are an iconic staple to any teenager’s bedroom just think of any 80’s high school movie, with bands and celebrities hanging on the walls of the main character’s bedroom. This trend has continued into the 21st century, with kids usually picking one wall as a feature wall to hang posters, stickers, or polaroids. Just make sure you use magic sticky putty so the paint on the wall isn’t damaged, but this is also another trendy teenage bedroom idea.

3. Patterned Sheets or Minimalistic Ones:

Depending on your child, they may be a fan of fun, colorful indie-hipster sheets, or they may be very minimalistic and appreciate the simple things in life. One trend that’s been big is mandala-like sheets with lots of colors, and matching pillows the other trend is keeping it simple with white sheets, and maybe a grey throw over it. Knowing your child will help you know what direction to go, but one of these two sheet trends are likely to be a hit in your child’s bedroom.

4. Succulents and Plants:

Plants have become a big trend with millennials, and this has of course followed into the Gen-Z era plants and succulents quite literally bring life into a room and can do the same thing in your child’s bedroom! If their room has an abundance of empty windowsills, it couldn’t hurt to put a few plants there to bring in some color (check out our other blog posts to see ideas for easy household plants) Succulents are usually the best plants to decorate with, mainly because they’re very easy to take care of. Nonetheless, some greenery in their bedroom could never hurt!
Teenage Room Turmoil, No More!
Teenage Room Turmoil, No More!
Teenage Room Turmoil, No More!

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